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One of the most captivating aspects of autumn is the transformation of the landscape into a colorful wonderland. The rich, warm tones of fall foliage provide a stunning backdrop for your photos, making every shot a masterpiece. The beautiful location I chose, the natural beauty of autumn and the vintage couch available on-site sets the stage for unforgettable photos.

Fall’s mild and crisp weather creates a comfortable environment for outdoor photography. Unlike the sweltering heat of summer or the biting cold of winter, autumn offers pleasant temperatures that allow you to relax and focus on creating beautiful memories. Say goodbye to the sweat and shivers, and say hello to the perfect weather for capturing your unique moments.

Another part why I love fall mini sessions — fall fashion is known for its cozy and stylish options. Layers, scarves, boots, and hats can add depth and personality to your photos. Embrace the season’s fashion trends and let your wardrobe choices become part of the storytelling in your photos. The possibilities are endless, and I am here to help you style your session for success.

However my absolute favourite about fall mini sessions is the soft, diffused light of fall which enhances the overall ambiance of your photos. The sun sits lower in the sky during this season, providing a flattering, warm glow and minimizing harsh shadows. These lighting conditions can help us achieve a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in your fall mini sessions, adding a touch of magic to your images.

Photo of family Fall Mini Sessions 2023 Montreal sitting on vintage couch.

Fall mini sessions are perfect for commemorating special occasions like engagements, anniversaries, family reunions, or pregnancy announcements as well as for just remembering the phase your child is in right now, the way your partner looks at you this time of the year or how your baby bump looked in this week. The natural beauty of the season adds a touch of magic to milestone moments, making your photos truly extraordinary. Let me capture the essence of you against the backdrop of autumn’s splendor.

My fall mini sessions are designed to be quick and convenient, making them an excellent choice for busy families and individuals. In just 15 minutes, we’ll capture a series of heartfelt, candid, and posed shots that preserve the essence of the season and your connections. These timeless photos will become cherished memories to be treasured for generations to come.

Photo of family of three sitting on vintage couch for a family photoshoot.

Book Your Fall Mini Session Today

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate fall with a photo session that captures its essence. Whether you want to update your family portraits, commemorate a special occasion, or simply create beautiful memories, my Fall Mini Sessions are the perfect choice.

🍁 Fall Mini Sessions Details:

  • Date: 8th of October 2023 (pushed back on October 15th in case of rain)
  • Location: Ail Lys Ferme Florale — 564B Rang des Sloan, Saint-Édouard, QC J0L 1Y0
  • Session Duration: 15 minutes
  • What’s Included:
    • 5 digital photos in high resolution
    • Gallery to share for 3 months
    • Retouches
    • Style Guide for the best fall outfits
  • Investment: 170$

How to Book

Ready to embrace the beauty of autumn with me? Booking your Fall Mini Session is easy:

  1. Visit my booking link at murieloephoto.hbportal.co/schedule/65037c1babd57b00ca920c48
  2. Click on “Book Now” to select your preferred date and time.
  3. Follow the prompts to secure your spot.
  4. Have questions or need assistance? Contact me at info@murieloephoto.com or via phone 514-466-9880.

Fall is a season of change and transformation, making it the perfect time to capture cherished moments with your loved ones. My Fall Mini Sessions offer a magical opportunity to seize the beauty and warmth of autumn. Embrace the season’s aesthetics and create unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come. My lens is ready to capture the essence of this beautiful season—one photo at a time. Book your Fall Mini Session today, and let’s create something truly extraordinary together.

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